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Fantasy - Winter Rose
Posted on 2006.02.15 at 20:28
My...state of mind...: artisticartistic
My tune: Josh Groban, I miss him!!

Hi :), well I just wanted to share some poems I have wrote, they are at:



I have other 4 or 5 that I wrote today, but I need to polish them before publish them :).


I don't know why I wanted to write today, I guess I have been sad 'cause of my great-aunt, she had surgery on Monday, she's better now, but they had to cut part of her leg :(, before the knee, so it has been sad for everyone in the family, but she's better, she's know talking and everything, last Monday morning when I went to visit before the surgery, she wasn't talking or even reacting to us talking :(.


I send hugs to everyone, I'll probably write more later, but I do want to thank every Chlarker in the world, you have keep me going with the fics and the vids :D.


Be well and take care, Monica

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