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Mmm, who wants to make an image manipulation???? ;)

Posted on 2008.03.10 at 18:44
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: excitedexcited

Hi :D, my beloved friends, don't you think Orlando Bloom would look awesome as King Arthur or Tom Welling as Prince Phillip?? If you are thinking that I'm insane... well yeah ;) but I'm talking about someone making a manipulation of the Disney adds "Year of a Million Dreams" 

You can find them here, thanks to 


It will be so beautiful!!!! Please someone!!! Hugs, be well and take care, Monica



Hmmmm svgurl at 2008-03-11 00:53 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Why do I remember kissme_myfool making a manip of those pictures? I think she did ... you may want to ask her. It was really pretty. It had Chloe in that blue dress on Clark on the horse.

Did she take it down?

EDIT: No, she didn't! It's here:

I knew I wasn't imagining things.

Edited at 2008-03-11 03:22 am (UTC)
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-03-11 04:05 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
You know?? I'm an idiot, I even commented on that entry!! I'm to tired right now, thanks for reminding me... now I just need someone to do that for the Arthur one... with Orlando ;) hugs!!!
Hmmmm electricmonk333 at 2008-03-11 02:37 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Yup, MsSullivan has made a manip with Chloe as "Cinderella."
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-03-11 04:10 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thank you :D, hugs!!!
Hmmmm electricmonk333 at 2008-03-11 04:26 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
You're welcome. :) I will try manipulating one of the images, although I make no promises!

In the meantime, here's some tweaking I did to one of them.

Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-03-11 04:36 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
That looks cool!! And I truly mean it!!

MsSullivan was amazing and sent me the manip she did with Clark and Chloe, the one missing is the one you did :D... remember, Orlando Bloom is your friend... or maybe Tom Welling ;), or Jensen Ackles, or our beloved Oliver Queen... I can't remember his name!!! Hugs!!!

And wow!! I love your icon!!!! Hugs :D
Hmmmm blackheart_me at 2008-03-11 21:22 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I see this entry, the survey isn't on it though :P
I really like the manips that your friend has. I checked them out yesterday and for a sec i thought the dude with the sword and the stone was orlando bloom, until i zoomed in *lol* THEY'RE AMAZING THOU!
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-03-12 01:03 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
They aren't manipulations!!! They are real adds created by Disney :D, and let me check, I can't understand why you can't see it, what does it says???
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