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My new video, one made from the movie Enchanted

Posted on 2008.02.26 at 15:49
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: artisticartistic
My tune: Enchanted Soundtrack
Hi :), well after almost 2 days without internet... yeah since Sunday night, at last I'm back!!! 

And I'm back with a new music video :D, this is an Enchanted video, I had it in the making for a while and since I was furious 'cause I thought Enchanted should have won the Oscar for best song I finished it yesterday. 

I decided to use Sir Paul McCartney's song This Never Happened Before, from the soundtrack of the movie "The Lake House" that I also find amazing :D.

I hope you are all going to enjoy it!!! Any comments, ratings, reviews, anything is totally welcomed :D, is my first video from this movie and it has tons of work and love :D

If anyone wants a link to download the vid ... here

This is the link for download, is the video in .divx version, it can play in Divx player, if anyone wants a different kind of video let me know ok :)


Hugs!!!! Be well and take care, Monica

Edit: I made a lovebar for Enchanted, I wanted one but I couldn't find any in the net. Just to share, hugs!!


Hmmmm svgurl at 2008-02-26 23:45 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Aww, this was a very sweet video! I loved Enchanted and the song was just OMG PERFECT! The clips were great and I really loved it.

I always thought it was funny how it was a Princess ball yet the real Princess wore a modern style dress. LOL! Maybe I'm just crazy.

Anyway, great video! Thanks for making it and sharing it with us!
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-02-27 00:23 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
:D, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! I do think that song was perfect for this couple and for the feeling we could see in the screen.

I have always thought the same thing about Giselle's dress but I guess they where trying to prove that she was now different, less a faery princess and more a modern princess :D.

It was my pleasure to share it :D, and I totally love your icons!!! hugs!!!
Hmmmm danamulder at 2008-02-27 19:08 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
That was lovely, Monica! I want to see the movie again even worse now. hehe
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-02-27 20:19 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I know!!! I got a dvd version of it, but is in portuguese!! I can't understand a thing!!! I want that dvd!!! Hugs :D I'm so glad you liked it :D
Hmmmm bearcatkeith at 2008-02-28 00:50 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Hey Monica
Very awesome vid Monica! I've never seen the film but you made it look very interesting. I guess I'll have to watch it now when it comes out on DVD :). Impressive job on the whole vid. The song was a great choice and went very nicely with the film. Awesome job on your scene selection and editing throughout the vid. The sequences you put together were very effective and your editing and pacing were right on. Very awesome vid Monica!

Cool stuff on the opening section with the animation scenes combined with the piano music. The pacing and timing during that part was very well done. The move from animation to live action at 22 were really well matched to the music. I also really liked what you did at 32/33. Very cool link up with the music there. Awesome transition between the scenes at 35/36 to the shot of the skyline.

Great scene choice where you showed them meeting for the first time (I assume) when the lyrics began at 38. That whole sequence (from 38-1:00) was very effective the way you put it together. I especially liked your editing there, as it made everything flow together very well and looked very smooth. 117-143 was another sequence I really liked a lot. Their interaction during that part was very cute :) It also worked very nicely with the music and the lyrics. Again awesome job editing to the music in that sequence. 1:25-1:27 was particularly well done. Also the last part where he turns to look back at her was very powerful the way you did it.

Great lyric match on the “come to me” line at 1:45. Very nice timing there too. Awesome stuff on the sequence from 1:59-2:23 where she entered the dance with other guy, he saw them, and then he reluctantly takes her hand. The whole dancing sequence was also very impressively put together. I especially liked what you did at 2:30. Your timing was very clever there as it looked like they were actually dancing to music there:)The section from 2:46-2:56 was also very cleverly done and exceptionally well timed up. I liked how you timed it with the dance slowing down along with the music. Great stuff with the kiss at 3:03. That was a very nice moment. Finally, the ending with the scenes of the two of them in rain was very awesome! Very impressive vid Monica. I really liked it a lot!


PS: thanks for the nice things you said about me at the end :) That was very sweet of you and I really appreciate it!

Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-02-28 05:29 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
First, you deserve what I said, you always teach me things and you are a truly amazing friend, is a way I can express my gratitude to you :D, hugs!!!

Oh well, I'm so extremely happy you enjoyed the vid, specially if it makes you watch the movie, believe me it rocks!! Remember the song I used in my last Romantic Chlark vid?? The song is the one they use in the scene of the ball and wow it sounds amazing there.

I have to say that the editing from 33 to 36 aren't mine they are part of the trailer of the movie and I used them 'cause they weren't exactly the same in the movie and I liked those.

Did you noticed the way the frame changes when it moves from the animated to the live scenes?? That's part of the movie and I truly liked the way it look in the vid.

It took me ages to get all the scenes well timed and I'm so glad you noticed that!! I'm going to read your review to my Mom tomorrow, 'cause she also likes them :D

Thanks a lot my friend, hugs, hugs, hugs!!! Be well and take care, Monica
Hmmmm bearcatkeith at 2008-03-01 18:56 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thanks! You're always an amazing friend to me too. And you know I really appreciate you :)

Cool. Its great that you enjoyed my review so much. Hope your mom likes it too. I could tell that you worked really hard on this one and it showed in how well you timed everything up with the songs.

hugs! have a great weekend!

Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-03-02 04:49 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
:D, I truly wish I could be a good friend, but I always feel like I'm asking things of you and I can give back... you need to write more so I can send you more replies ;).

My Mom loved your review, she's always amazed by them 'cause she says you are amazing with the way you see details :D.

Hugs!!! My weekend has been busy until now, but is been good, hugs, hugs!! Be well and take care, Monica
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