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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :) I got several dvds today ;)

Posted on 2006.02.08 at 19:55
My...state of mind...: okayokay
My tune: Sarah Brightman, Harem

Hi :D, well I'm in a good mood!! I just got the dvd of Elizabethtown and Lois and Clark the first season!! I have been having fun watching this ones!! Elizabethtown always manage to make me smile, I love Orlando Bloom!! And I truly liked the movie, I watched it 4 times in the cinemas!! Sadly there are no new extended scenes!!! I guess there is going to be a director's cut, but I was sooooo waiting for new scenes!! Like I'm waiting for the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven!!

Also I love Lois and Clark, they are so cute together :) even if I kind of prefer the storyline from Smallville, except for the death of JK, I could have soooooo lived with the death of LL, but oh well... I guess we can't have everything!!

I would like to thank  http://jadehunter.livejournal.com/ Jade Hunter for her Allison Mack moodtheme!! don't you love it?? I'm a total fan of the Chlark in Smallville so this made me happy!!

I have been reading a lot of Chlark fanfics lately and there are amazing vids to!! Thanks for making me happy not like the Smallville Producers!!!, Oh well, hugs everyone, be well and take care.


The Long Lost Petrelli Sister
Hmmmm lunarknightz at 2006-02-13 20:56 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
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Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2006-02-15 08:57 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thank you so much!!! You aren't just on of the best writers I have ever seen but a really nice person :D, thanks a lot!!, Hugs and I hope you had a wonderful day to!! Be well and take care.
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