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Fantasy - Winter Rose

At last!!! I got to watch Enchanted :) and loved it!!!

Posted on 2007.12.21 at 22:19
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Wow, I'm so happy!!! At last I had the chance to watch Enchanted!!! And is really, really an amazing movie, it was the kinf of thing I was needing 'cause I have been feeling so sad and kind of upset 'cause of the season and this movie totally helped me :D.

Not only this is sooooooo Disney that almost made me cry but is soooooo funny!!!! I was laughing all the time!! And really Giselle is now one of my favorite Disney princess :), together with Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Ariel.... oh yeah and I know she's not Disney but I also love Anastasia ;).

I want to say thanks to everyone that made me want to see this movie, to everyone who is creating fanfics, icons and everything, 'cause it really, really rocks :D. Hugs!!! 

Be well and take care, Monica


Hmmmm etapa at 2007-12-22 05:13 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Enchanted is definitely one of my top movies now. Maybe not top 5 but definitely top 20. It's such a sweet fairy tale, with a different twist from what we're used to seeing. Sweet without being overly sappy, with tons of fun in between!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2007-12-22 05:20 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thanks :), yeah is really now one of my favorites, and really, all the characters are so cool!! :D, hugs!!! Thanks for reading ;)
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