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Wow!! almost 3 months with out an update!! :D

Posted on 2005.05.16 at 16:22
My...state of mind...: calmcalm
My tune: Harem, by Sarah Brightman

My!!! is been almost 3 months since I wrote in my journal!!, not that anyone notices, but I did took my time :).

I have been truly busy, my brother had a surgery 2 weeks ago, my Mother has been having severe arthritis problems, I have been working non stop since I had a big problem with several files with work, I lost almost 3 months of work :(, etc.

Also there have been nice things :), even if my Mom is really sick she's an amazing human being and we are still getting along fine :), I did several Gerard Butler music videos and even a Phantom of the Opera one ;), if anyone is interested you can check my Monica_O's videos page for them, the links are above :D, I have to do something with my time when I'm not working!!!, specially between the 9 pm and 12 pm everyday, even if I do take my time to see CSI, Without a Trace, Lost, etc since I have been mostly at home the pc is my source of entertainment, that and my books!!!! :D

Lately I have been reading a lot of romance novels, Pride and prejudice fanfics, Phantom of the Opera, specially Meg/Erik fics, etc, this keep me sane!!!

Also I had the chance to go to the movies 2 weeks ago!! to watch Kingdom of Heave!! it totally rocks!!!, the story is really good, and Orlando Bloom?? wow :D, he and Gerard Butler are my latest and I believe my now real boys ;), I had the chance to get Attila with Gerard and... gggrrrr!!! he looks sooooooo hot!!!! and of course the POTO dvd, where he's such a beautiful Phantom!! :D.

Well, I need to go since my Mom and I are leaving now, we need to get some things from the pharmacy and even if I can walk to ge them, she wants to go out :).
Hugs everyone, and don't forget, if anyone reads this to check my videos, I have one about Orlando Bloom, several about
Gerard Butler, and I'm making another one ;) I just need to get real inspiration!!, although I already found the song, who knows if I'll change it before the vid is over :).
Be well and take care.

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