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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Nothing works as you believe ;)

Posted on 2004.07.01 at 20:04
My...state of mind...: thoughtfulthoughtful
My tune: Evanescense, My inmortal
Well, the other day afternoon was strange, instead of going to my Grandma I spend the afternoon here, since they where doing repairs in her street, good thing my uncle Marcos managed to come home to pick up her stuff, or she'll be mad!!!. Anyway, yesterday was a good day, I went to the movies with my friend Citlalic, really nice friend :D, to watch Troy ;), for the 2nd time.
All those handsome men!!! they are totally cute, Orlando B. so handsome, even if his character is really awful!!!, really I always hated that in the Iliad, really!!! who'll be so idiotic to pick the most beautiful woman in the world if you are being offered the greatest wealth or to be the greatest warrior!! only a man, I have to say ;), Erik Bana just rocks!!!, his character is my favorite in the movie, and he looks totally handsome, his wife is so lucky :D, Sean Bean!! just wow, I don't really love his character, specially since the horse thing is Odysseus idea, but I can forgive him ;), Brad P. is cute and everything, but... well even if he's really handsome I'm not that big of a fan, and well, Peter O'Toole is amazing as Priam, of course I'll like to give him a hit in the head in several occasions, but I guess there is nothing to be done here but really!!! lest fight because an eagle says it??, or get the horse inside??, aaarrgggghhh.
Today was a good day to, even if nothing really interesting happened, well, not entirely true, a friend of mine came to bring some dvds that I was really waiting, the 2nd season of Smallville, and others, but, it made me sad :(, the 3rd season of smallville just didn't worked for me, all that Lana!!!!!! aaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!! I mean I don't dislike the actress or anything, but the character?? is awful!! and the writers really love her, I truly believe that they'll like to call the series "The Lana Adventures" or something like that, and Lex getting evil?? :(, and Pete gone?? and Chloe dead??, and Clark didn't getting a clue about what is good for him!! I love Chlark, Chloe-Clark parings, but TPTB just don’t' get it :(.
Besides that, going to the doctor, my throat hurts, going with my mom to get her nails done and doing some shopping, getting at home to read, I can't find more great HP fanfics!!! I need some, I'm going to start going into a withdrawal!!! awful, but, I hope I can find something else.
Anyway, I think is time to end this rant, good to know no one is really reading this, I tried to get some friends to read it, but... I guess is better like this, knowing that the only people that are ever going to read this are going to find it by accident or mistake ;). Be well and take care.

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