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My Grandma got me a balloon :)

Posted on 2005.02.24 at 20:38
My...state of mind...: cheerfulcheerful
My tune: The Phantom of the Opera!! it rocks!!

What a thing is in it?? my Grandma and I, thank God, have a really cute relationship, I love her, and she really likes me!! I say this with amazement, 'cause, well, she gives me kisses and hugs and stuff, and she has never been someone to show affection in this way to almost anyone, except my little cousins that are 6, 8 and 10, so this makes me feel special :).

Today, together with my Mom, we took her to the ophthalmologist, she had a minor surgery last month, and the doctor had to remove her stitches. After that we took her to have breakfast, I almost always make her waffles or hot cakes at home, but today I wasn't feeling really... how do I say this?? I was feeling lazy I guess :), so we took her out, and while we where in the restaurant, I started to admire the balloons that where in the place, heart balloons, for Valentines, since is still February they still have them, and I was joking with my Mom and my Grandma about stealing one of the hearts ;), when the manager came to the table to ask if everything was ok, we told him yes, but my Grandma decided to ask him if she could have one of the balloons!!! for her 5 years old grandchild!!! that was me ;), as she said later, she could say it was for her 30 years old granddaughter!!!, the manager told us that he couldn't get them off the walls until march, but he offered a blue one that promotes the movie with the sharks?? Shark tale I think??, and my Grandma said it was ok, you should have seen my face when she got the balloon and gave it me!!!, no one noticed that it was for me, but I looked like a tomato :D.

Don't you think my Grandma rocks??? is been ages!!! ages since I had a balloon, and is the first time she got me one :). I love her!! this was something really nice that happened to me, later I might write something about my trip to Mexico city 2 weeks ago, but I haven't had the time!!!, but this was something that I just had to share, she's so cute!!!  Wish you a Grandma like mine, even if she acts like a child sometimes, she's the best I could ever ask for :), be well and take care. Monica

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