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Fantasy - Winter Rose

My birthday!!!!!!! and new video :D

Posted on 2005.01.23 at 22:47
My...state of mind...: crazycrazy
My tune: The soundtrack of the Phantom of the Opera!!! wow!!!!

Hi :), well, is been almost a month since I wrote, but I have been really busy!!!!!!!!! visit to the doctors, good to know things haven't been worse with my Mom, she has had some rought times lately, but is 'cause of the weather, cold, windy and with humidity!!! bad for her arthritis, but she keeps going :), that's my Mom :D.

My birthday was really good!!!, after 2 years that weren't that good, first an earthquake!! then problems with friends, now things really worked!!!! :D my parents woke me up singing!! I had lunch with my brother and my parents and enjoyed myself a lot!! then I went to watch The Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!! it's soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!! truly amazing movie, the best I have seen in a long time!!!! since Return of the King I believe!!! more than 2 hours that went like watter!!!, then after that some cousins and friends came home to chat and have some cake, it was a good day :D.

Yesterday I went to a wedding, nothing mayor there, but it was ok, I was afraid it was going to be awful since i didn't knew most of the people there, they where family, but the kind of family you never know is alive until you have to go to one of this things :), the place was beautiful anyway and I had a good time, then worked in this video during the night. Today was a good day also, calm, listen to the cd of the soundtrack of the Phantom all day!!!! ;) my parents and I went to have lunch at a beautiful restaurant, and came here to finish my video and answer some emails.

If you want to see the video is here http://monica-hoh.tripod.com/myvideos/ please remember to give a right click and save target as, it saves bandwidth :) please remember to give a right click and save target as, it saves bandwidth :), any coments and flames are welcomed since I want to do better videos every time :D.

Thanks for reading, be well and take care!!!!!!!!

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