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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Nothing much, just.... Hi :)

Posted on 2004.12.31 at 18:36
My...state of mind...: hopefulhopeful
My tune: The Soundtrack of The Return of the king
Hi, well.... things have been totally hectic lately, and I do mean really, really busy, 

I haven't had time to be online or even to really sit in the computer, less even to make a video :(, I'll have to work on that later, when I have some free time from life. I have been really worried, one of my best friends, and another friend live close by to the places where the tsunamis hit last week, Thank God everyone I know is ok, but I'm so sad for everyone that lose someone!! 

I'm not that sad for the death people, they are now in a better place, but the ones that stay behind, that are hurt, or lose someone or something, or sometimes lose everything, my heart is breaking for them :( I really wish I could do something to help!!! but I can only think of them and pray. Besides that things have been busy as I said, but ok, no big problems, several nice things, people and gifts :) which is amazing I have to say!!, love to be ok with life, even if it's not what I'll like to have, just being alive and with the people I love is such a gift!!!. 

Also I have been devoting some of my free time to read, specially anime fanfics, Clamp related mostly, they are depressive but really nice sometimes, they fit my mood so they are ok :), anyone who knows some good Clamp Campus Detectives or as is called in USA Clamp School Detectives ;), let me know, also some Rayearth or X fics :D. Hugs to Everyone!!, Happy New Year!!! Be well and take care.

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