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Fantasy - Winter Rose

I'm so sorry :( I can't believe it

Posted on 2007.04.16 at 21:56
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The news about the shooting in Virginia reached us this afternoon, and I just can't believe it. 

I'm so sad for this, I just can't understand why someone want to destroy someone else that, he probably doesn't even know. 

I'm praying for the families and the people that has been affected by this and I just wish, with all my heart, that this doesn't happen again.

Hugs to all my friends and F-list. Love you all, I hope you are all well, take care, Monica


Hmmmm ellyfanfic at 2007-04-17 03:16 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Terrible, isn't it? My hubby went to school there once upon a time. It's a beautiful and peaceful campus and it's horrible that something like this could happen there... or anywhere, for that matter.
Hmmmm kimbersrun at 2007-04-17 04:59 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thank you, Monica. That's so sweet of you. I'm hurt about it all, too.
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