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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Not yet total afternoon

Posted on 2004.06.29 at 15:19
My...state of mind...: busybusy
My tune: Evanescense
Hi, well, this is weird, is not really a full day and I just want to write a little more, after waking up after the serenade of a really awful dog that lives next door I started to read the newspaper, really happy about it, since... well there was this big, big march last sunday in Mexico, D.F. because, us, the people is asking for changes in the way we live you know??, there is a lot of delinquency in Mexico D.F. and in other cities and states of Mexico, it was really amazing to see all that people, some say half a million, going out an showing that they aren't happy with the way we have to live, and one politician, that I really don't like, the "governor" of the D.F. said that is a plot against him, he's an idiot ;), and everyone was against him, so that was really cool :D
Besides that??, the laundry thing, breakfast, searching for food for lunch, since lunch here is the biggest meal, instead of dinner in other countries, and stuff, talked to a friend that is sad :(, why Dumbly???, I don't like her sad, I wish I could help :(, oh, and I have been reading some great Harry Potter fanfics :D, the name is Redemption Author: krtshadow in fanfiction.net here, http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1480438&chapter=1 a totally amazing AU story of how Harry ends up in Azkaban after his 4rth year and everything that happens afterward, that one and Never Alone, Never Again Author: Bored Beyond Belief that totally rocks, and talks about a big, big conection between Harry and Voldermort also in FF.net http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=750576&chapter=1 are my favorite HP fanfics until now, big, full of Angst, and with great characterization and stories :D, well, after this, just have to keep with my Dad :( and going to take some stuff to my Grandma with my Mom :D, see you later ;).
Remember to send fanfic recommendations if anyone ever read this ok ;) smallville, Troy, HP, Lotr, etc ;), be well and take care.

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