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Winters Window

More news, and now, about me!!!

Posted on 2004.11.14 at 22:22
My...state of mind...: stressedstressed
My tune: You Light Up My Life by LeeAnn Rimes, and more

Well, things just can't work here!!! now, after a check up with a dermatologist, about the fact that I looked like Heidi on a sunny morning!!! I had a blush all over my face that I looked like a really grown tomato!!!!, after going to see her, she decided to give me a big!! big list of analysis she wanted from me :(, they where not only a lot but expensive!! and she also recommended me to visit a cardiologist :(, apparently I have an arrhythmia :(, only God knows since when!!! and well, after checking with my father's insurance guy, last wednesday I went to a doctor, he confirmed the arrhythmia, and told me that it was kind of weird 'cause he tough, after checking me that it was going to be a stress thing or something, but not in the "correct" place to be stress :(, since they aren't in the auricles, that are the upper two chambers, but in the ventricles, the heart’s lower two chambers, 'cause of this I had to get several blood tests, but not the huge!!! amount that the dermatologist thought where a good idea, and a radiography, the good thing is that the radiography doesn't show anything abnormal, soooooo :) I have truly high hopes that this is not going to be a bad thing, or at least not a serious thing :), I just have to wait for the blood results and the visit to the cardiologist, and I hope He's just going to give me something for the arrhythmia and that!!, I truly hope so!! 'cause my Mom needs me to do some of the chores and stuff that miss Coco can't do.
I soooooooooo need some good news soon!!!, specially on my Mom's front, really!!!!, well, I might write more later, be well and take care.

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