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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :), just some quizes and stuff :), have fun

Posted on 2007.03.04 at 21:40
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: weirdweird

Hi :), since I haven't post them in a while I wanted to post something fun for you. So here are 4 quizes :), 3 under the cut so I don't take to much space :)

I hope you have fun doing them, be well and take care, Monica :)

div style="width:300px;_height:250px; min-height:250px; background-color:rgb(216,233,237); text-align:center;">

What's your personality like? (detailed +stylish banners)

Shy/YouthfulEver heard of "cute & shy schoolgirl"? Because that's exactly who you are, a red rose that's not ready too bloom and looks much too innocent than it really is.You're a cheerful person, love to spend time with your family, but at the same time being espcialy loyal to your friends. You may appear shy or even quiet to new people, but in reality you're a cute 'lil rose bustling with thoughs on the inside. Man, would I like a friend like you!P.S: If you're willing,please take a look at my other results and if you feel that the quizz and I deserve it,rate!
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You Are Somewhat Mature

You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart.
While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later.

You Are a Little Scary

You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.

You Are More Yin

Are You More Yin or Yang?


(Deleted comment)
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2007-03-05 04:04 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I'm honored :D, hugs!!!!
Hmmmm kdsch123 at 2007-03-05 04:26 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
You find the best quizzes, Monica! :) I'm a yin like you, and I was horrified to find out that I am not at all scary. (I may need to retake that one...bwahahaha!)
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