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Winters Window

Just going on :(

Posted on 2004.11.05 at 21:39
My...state of mind...: sadsad
My tune: My Immortal and others, Evanescense
Things have been really hectic lately at home, first with my Dad, and his... troubles, then, last month, we discovered that my Mom's spinal disks moved again :(, as I said before, she got surgery on May of the 2003, and now!!!, they moved!!!! I just can't believe it!! is so sad and unfair!!! the pain is back, she can barely walk more than a block or less sometimes, it hurts her to stand up, I just can't believe it :(, the track to her operation was really hard and it was awful the day of her operation, she was so scared!!! and is just not fair that after all that the pain and the problems are back!!!!!
Because of that our last weeks have been spend seeing doctors, blood tests, radiographies, you name it :(, and even if right now she's been feeling a little better since a doctor gave her homeopathy, I just don't want to get my hopes high, I want her to much to get better, but right now I just don't know, I just try to be there for her as much as I can, and support her, I just hope things are going to be better soon, I really hope so!!!!.

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