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Fantasy - Winter Rose

My thoughts on Freak

Posted on 2007.02.16 at 18:56
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I think Michael did an awesome job directing Freak, apparently we have not only good looking actors in Smallville but multitasking guys :D. that's great.

I loved Chloe in this episode she showed us everything!! From being totally okay and confident, to being scared and then going back to doing everything she could to help to being really scared again, I just loved it!! The fact they didn't told us exactly the kind, or if any powers, she has opens so many possibilities for this character :). I think is going to be something computer related but who knows.

Tom Welling also rocked here, he showed that he cared and was concerned about Chloe and at the same time he managed to be strong enough and had the character to be able to help her doing something he had never done, just 'cause she needed him. I loved this, they showed the real Superman here, willing to help even if he's truly concerned about the results.

Michael is awesome at being bad really!! I miss my Lex, the one that I loved during seasons 1 to 4 but Michael always manages to deliver!! How creepy is the fact that he has Chloe's videos?? Wow!!!

Lana was nice this week, Kristin didn't had a lot of work today, since she came back to the sweet girl that she wants everyone to see and that she wants to be, but.. who knows what's going to happen with this character. I also liked the friendship thing, but.. I don't know I just always get the feeling that they are doomed!!

Jimmy was cute, I think this character is sweet, but I just can't see him with Chloe, she's so much.. mature than him, but he's really lovable.

Also, as a freak of the week, Tobias was really good, I enjoyed the fact that he was trying to heal and that he thought he was helping people with his gift. It was a nice change of the evil freaks we have had in the past.

I truly enjoyed Freak, the moments when Chloe and Clark where in the screen?? Just amazing, that connection.. just wow!!! I just thank CW for bringing back the great episodes :), hugs!! Be well and take care. Monica

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