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Winters Window
Posted on 2004.10.21 at 11:51
My...state of mind...: sadsad
My tune: No music

Well, things just doesn't happen here :(, my Mom is once again with problems in her spinal column, even after her surgery a year and a half ago, the next disk following the ones that now have a system that keeps them together, colapsed :( and is hurting her nerves again, problems to walk, to stand, and just pain all the time!!! why is this happening!!!, really!!! first my father and his idiotics affairs that even a month and a half later he hasn't admit, then having to go with then on "vacation" and now, my Mom is in pain again?? and we are locked at home most of the time :( I was finally going to find another job so I could get out of the house!!, and now I have to stay again, I don't mind helping but... is been more than a month since I went out alone!!!! with out my Mom or my father!! I'm sad, depressed and almost neurastenic!!!

I do hope one of this days things are going to get better, I'm still praying and I do know a lot of people have worse problems than I, but... this are my problems!! and I'm tired :(, I do hope one of this days I'm going to get the Lotto, the Melate, 'cause I really need some money, to get us out of this house!!!  so we can have peace. Hugs to me and to the great friends I have that listen to me rant. Daphne, Aya, Rish, they rock!!!!! Monica

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