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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :), asking for Fic recs, not that Smallville related

Posted on 2007.01.28 at 14:20
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: curiouscurious
My tune: Moya Brennan

Hi :), well people, I just found myself another fandom I want to read about, so I need some help finding fanfics or good sites or something.

You might wonder which fandom I'm talking about.... well... House M.D. :), check the icon ;) and why am I know loving this one?? 'Cause I finally got the dvds!!! And I managed to watch the first season complete!!! And I did it in 3 days!!! And I love them!!! :).

I have always liked House but I never really got the chance to see it all, 'cause of the channel often changed schedules here. But now I have the 2 first seasons and I'm happy :D.

I love Dr. House, he's the kind of person I would have like to be... direct, straight to the point... only less acerbic, but it works anyway, all the other characters are amazing and it doesn't hurt that doctor Chase is really cute ;)

So, can anyone help me find some good fics?? I don't mind if they have some ships, except no slash please, and if they are just amazing stories is even better, so help!!! Please!!! :D, hugs, be well and take care.

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