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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :), Happy Three Wise Men day!!! New banner and Lj look :D

Posted on 2007.01.06 at 12:54
My...state of mind...: cheerfulcheerful
Hi :D, just wanted to say Hi to all my f-list and to... yeah, I need to, you have to check my new look here :D, my friend araestelwas awesome and she made me a new banner for my journal, with images from one of my favorite movies ever, Kingdom of Heaven, the director's cut of course ;), the other is okay, but this version.. just wow, I can't get tired of watching all the actors and their characters, really it rocks :D.

I know you are all busy this days, with tv, Smallville and stuff, and I hope things are going right for all of you, I haven't been able to finish my Smallville video... not one of the 3 I'm working on 'cause my pc is giving me troubles... again... if only I could win the lotto and get me new one!!! I saw some amazing ones with over 200 gigas and oh... so much ram memory!!!! But is a dream I guess.

Hugs, hugs to all of you, I hope you are well, take care, and the best of years for all of you!!! 

Feliz dia de Reyes!!! or Three Wise Men day!!! :D.

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