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Fantasy - Winter Rose

A good week :)

Posted on 2004.08.21 at 21:56
My...state of mind...: cheerfulcheerful
My tune: The carpenters, Alannis Morrisete, Westlife and others :D
Well is been almost 10 days since I last wrote here, I have been busy!!! :), in a good way. Everything worked out about the appartment, my brother left go his total.... how do you call it?? idiotic thoughts?? oh well :), things are better with my Dad, and everything is kind of ok :D.
My Mom and I have doing a lot of stuff for the appartment and we had some troubles with my brother's car and my Dad's truck, we are having a lot, and I do mean a lot!!!!! of rain, and her arthritis is bad :( but she's ok, thank God :)
I had a really good day yesterday, a friend of mine came to have lunch and to visit in the afternoon :), we had a great time, eating cookies ;) burning Cd's for her, watching ROTK, some scenes and others from Love Actually, great movie and great music :D, I have been ok, reading like there is no tomorrow in my free time, working, doing chores, but is ok :), no big problems at home which is a total blessing!!!!!!!!!!! right now I'm reading, writing this, listening to music and talking with a friend, really ok :), I hope it lasts.
Be well and take care.

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