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Winters Window

How much things can change on 6 days :(

Posted on 2004.08.10 at 22:35
My...state of mind...: depresseddepressed
My tune: The Tv, E! entertainment television in the backgroud
HI, well, you know, I was having a good time this last days, I have been sleeping!!!, my neighbors with 4 dogs, 3french Poodles who made noise all the time!!!! and another one that was really noisy at nights, just left!!, and left the house they where renting in a really sorry state!!! really who could rent their house to someone with 4 dogs!!!!!
Anyway, my Dad had been... weird lately, not awful but not in a good mood, but ok I guess, we had a good weekend I found 3 dvds that where really cheap to buy, we found a good apartment that is really beautiful and is not to expensive for my father to buy, so that my brother could live there and I went yesterday to watch my brother in a play in a coffee place and had a really good time!!!
And then :(, after we had a good day today, my brother arrived, my mom and I went with him to see the apartment and he loved it!! and then when we where happy about the fact that my Dad also loved the place and that my brother was going to manage to live with more money since he was going to give my Dad really less money for the place than the rent he was giving... he started his rant... he wanted the apartment to his name, because he wanted to feel the place was his and he "wanted his freedom" and my dad didn't wanted to buy it in his name only, since my Dad was planning to buy it on my brothers and in my name, he didn't wanted the place. He wanted to feel he could do everything he wanted with the place, and if it wasn't done as he wanted it... he just didn't wanted it!!!!, after having us search for a place for more than 2 weeks?? going to visit places and everything??? now that we had a place that he liked, that my father could afford and that the people was ok with the sale price and everything!!! now he came with all his rant??, obviously my Mom decided to tell my dad about it as if it was her idea, so that my "beloved" brother didn't had a problem with my father, soooooooo we had a huge fight today!!!!, my father says my Mom is awful and that she never agrees to anything he says and that he doesn't want to put the apartment on Angel's name because he knows him, my brother is weird and that he might decide to sell or anything, even if he didn't paid for it, and I'm really sad to say that I agree with my father :(, he could do something like that, or even stop paying my father or anything!! I hate all this problems!!!!!!! specially because my Dad is right!!! and my brother is just so selfish!!!, he wants an apparent, he wants to pay less money, and he wants it his way, or better he doesn't wants it???, and if there is problem because of this??, who cares!!! he lives outside the house so it doesn't change a thing for him :(, is just unfair!!!!! my father is mad at my mom, and now some plans we had are just going to change, and who knows how is this going to work!!! :(, I'm just tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmmm piepiepie at 2004-08-10 21:58 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
i'm sorry!!!! *big fat hugs*
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2004-08-18 09:34 (UTC) (Novel in progress)


I'm better now, this one resolved, I hope that for good, I have been ok this last days :), thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! a lot of hugs!!!! be well and take care.
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