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Fantasy - Winter Rose

A week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted on 2004.08.04 at 21:54
My...state of mind...: contemplativecontemplative
My tune: Bangladesh, I don't know the title!!!! Eternal flame???
Hi, well... is been a week since I said anything here, I guess my life is more boring than I thought!! ;) or... I'm more lazy than I thought :(, or... I have been busy, I'll have to pick one someday :D.
Anyway, with it's ups and downs, my life is... going???, Dad have been mad several times :( and I really mean mad, but... I guess is just something I have been learning to live with all my life, and well, being close to thirty!!!!! 30!!!!!!!! and living at home, no matter the reasons, has made me more sensible to this stuff?? who knows, anyway, he has been mad, and really obnoxious but oh well, is him, Mom... we have been kind of ok, except for a small fight the other day, because of something really silly :D, mostly my fault there, after all if she found funny that I woke up my Dad while setting the clock in their room after a blackout and turning the radio on by mistake... it was funny when I see it now :), I was mad at that moment, but after the way he upset her in the afternoon... I guess it was kind of vengeance :D, without having to do a thing ;).
Also, I went to the cinema with Lili, my cousin, again :D I had a good morning, since we went early because she has her lessons in the afternoon, Spiderman 2 again :D, is a nice movie, but being realistic the point was to get out of the house!!!! and not see my Dad at lunch time!! heaven :D, anyway, nice movie, and later I went and had some tacos, and... I hope my Mom'll never sees this :D, and ice cream ;), good one, then I spend good amount of money in Diversiones Moy, an arcade :D, got a lot and I do mean a lot of tickets, over 600, some candy and just fun, I soooo need it that :). Then, well Dad had to break my bubble, calling me to get me anxious me about a copy he need it for work, and we didn't have any of the ones he need it anymore!!!, he used the last one!! and it was my fault because he couldn't find it??? please!!! anyway, he upset Mom again, but later she went to pick me up at the Centro Magno, and we had a nice afternoon, busy, but good :D, went to my brother's apartment, to leave some stuff and pick up his dirty laundry, then to get some copies of another thing my Dad need it, then to pick up some photos, from Dad's work to, and then... for work here, and searching for an apartment or a house to buy, so my brother can live there... oh well, I hope I can find something he like, that is not to expensive, who knows the problems we could get if my Dad feels we have little money after buying that place. Now, some fanfics ;), one where Snape becomes Harry's adoptive father, and he doesn't become a Slytherin!! yeah!!! funny and entertaining, My Dad Author: Sever Us1 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1241903/1/ good fic :D.
Well, I'm ok, hoping for the lotto again, who knows maybe one day I'll really get it, and I'll found out how does it feel to go home, without being worried if my Dad is going to be in a bad mood or not, and how does it feel to own a bookstore-coffee-toy store :D.
Be well and take care :D

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