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Fantasy - Winter Rose

My favorite Chlois posibility ;)

Posted on 2006.10.20 at 16:50
My...state of mind...: geekygeeky
aHi :D, well I was living with the things about Arrow and... the talk about Chlois and everything, then... I remembered what until this moment is my favorite version of how Chloe is truly out iconic Lois Lane :D, is not my story, as you all must know for now I just can't write, but this amazingly talented author can, so... I give this to you, 'cause is been a while since she wrote it. nearly 6 months, and we better remember it.. and hope :D.

Title: Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by rjchasez  Rating: PG Pairing(s): Clois (?), Chlark, Chloe/Bart 
http://rjchasez.livejournal.com/149622.html  She could use more feedback!!! 'Cause this one rocks :).

Hugs, be well and take care

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