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Fantasy - Winter Rose
Posted on 2006.10.17 at 16:17
My...state of mind...: amusedamused
Hi :), well I got this one from araestel and I thought it was cute :), is behing the cut 'cause I spammed all my LJFriends list enough for today ;), read under your own risk :D. 

What do the LOTR men think of you? (girls only, guys...if your really bored then go ahead)

Aragorn: Is completely and totally in love with you, he thinks you're beautiful and is continually fascinated by you.Legolas: Thinks you are one of the fairest maidens he has yet laid his eyes on, but thinks nothing of you beyond thatGimli: Can't stand you, thinks your too much of an 'elf'.Boromir: Thinks you can't fight as well as he canFaramir: Would like to show you his place behind the waterfall some time.Frodo: Thinks you are friendly and funny, but not for himSam: Wants to give you a cooking lesson, so he can get 'closer' to you.Pippin: Loves to joke with you and thinks you're hysterical.Merry: Thinks you have an ingenious mind as you always come up with the best pranks, and considers you one of his best friends.Theoden: Wouldn't put ruling Rohan one day past you.Eomer: Thinks your charming but too out of his league.Elrond: Wonders if you would be interested in joining the Rivendell council, as you have a keen mind.Gandalf: Thinks you are clever and can weild a sword wellGollum: Is paranoid you will steal his Ring.
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