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Fantasy - Winter Rose

My thougts on Wither, exactly as my post in CW

Posted on 2006.10.13 at 15:21
My...state of mind...: amusedamused
Oh this was good :D Actually it was better than I expected after all the spoilers. I loved the fact that Clark looks so.. unconfortable with the idea of Chloe being with someone else!!! I mean really it took him long enough to really recognize the fact that he's not that "friendly" feeling about her anymore. Also they work really well as a team :).

Jimmy.. well I can't help it, he's not my type and I don't really like him, nothing to do with the character I like.

The Lexana.. well it was good I guess, at least it was well developed and I understand where the 2 of them are coming and their ideas about each other, I just hope Lana can truly help Lex to be.. less dark.

I truly liked Lois and Oliver together, they.. fit, so I agree with Claire that she should became Black canary.. I mean she's already blond ;)

I truly liked how Martha looked :), so mature and great looking.

And I didn't liked the "villian" of the week, even if she's kryptonian, can we say gross together??.

As it is I kind of like how this is going, the Chlark is going strong, even if it's not shown in the way I'll like to see it and I enjoyed Lois and Oliver together, a match made in heaven :D, or in the archery place :D, be well and take care.


Hmmmm amanda_t1979 at 2006-10-15 04:08 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
i agree...jealous clark is awesome! good things come to those who wait they say...and since chloe's suffered as long as she has i think its only right clark suffers a little...good news is we know that jimmy is not here to stay!
ps i friended ya! love your profile. mmmmmmmmmmmcoffee!!!
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2006-10-15 04:19 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Wow, thanks ;), good to know someone agrees with me ;), I'm going to friend you back, I just saw you are writing a fic!!! And that MsSullivan is doing the beta work for you, how great is her?? :D, hugs, be well and take care.
And yeah.. coffee... it makes the world go around!!
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