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Fantasy - Winter Rose

My favorite AU Superman returns.. is complete

Posted on 2006.10.09 at 16:38
My...state of mind...: enthralledenthralled
My tune: Deliver us by Eden Riegel, soundtrack, Prince of Egypt
HI :), well just to add another Superman Returns rec to my collection ;). 

My favorite AU with my favorite OC character is now complete, so here is the link if anyone wants to laugh, enjoy and go... ooohhhh with this story :), you can find the first part in the author's profile

Ten More Things That Haven't Happened Author: Lady Silence Fiction Rated: M http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3138344/1/
Summary: Ten more scenes in the Superman Returns universe with Lacey the Bitter Mary Sue and the obviously crazy people around her. The rating is for language.

Just in case, here is the first part:

Ten Things That Haven’t Happened… Author: Lady Silence Fiction Rated: M http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3096278/1/
Summary: Ten randomish scenes in the Superman Returns universe that involve a very bitter Mary Sue who just wants to go home and the Caped Wonder himself. Poor guy. The rating is for language

They aren't mine in any way, but I do love this stories, hugs, be well and take care Monica

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