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Fantasy - Winter Rose

The most hilarious fic I have ever read :)

Posted on 2006.10.03 at 23:59
My...state of mind...: mischievousmischievous
Hi :), here is a rec for you, is a Lord of the Rings fic, pre-quest in Rivendell, and is one, if not the most, hilarious thing I have ever read, really, I have been laughing so much I cried :D.

Here A Merry War by Elendiari22 Rating: G The hobbits are bent on revenge when they learn that they were needlessly dragged through the Midgewater Marshes. A prank war with Aragorn ensues.  

Go, enjoy, truly you are going to love it :)... unless you are totally into LOTR canon, then... think about it at least.

Hugs, be well and take care.

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