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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Just... Chlark and a close train experience ;)

Posted on 2006.10.02 at 22:30
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: indescribableindescribable
My tune: Into the West by Annie Lenox, Return of the King Soundtrack
Hi :), well as everyone, and I mean everyone must have read there is a new triangle in town ;) at least in the CW who finally decided to show the real thing with this image http://www.allisonmackonline.com/modules/xcgal/albums/userpics/10001/trianglesidechlarkimmy.jpg

Please go to AMO and comment how amazing this is, 'cause really?? it was the moment for them to check the ratings and know that Chloe and Clark are the ones that bring more people to the show or that if they didn't get it, they where going to seriously lose people.

Also, I know most of you have already seen this but, I loved the sneeze scene so... here is a link if anyone missed it
http://www.cwtv.com/video go to the right and look for directors cut: Smallville the Chlark/Chlois just rocks the world :D

In a more personal matter:

I had a really nice weekend, I went to Tapalpa http://monica-hoh.tripod.com/tapalpa_magic_town/  and I truly enjoyed myself, we ate and walked, I read a lot and listen to music, we had a nice rest, the only bad things?? My Mom had a severe crisis of arthritis, the humidity and low temperatures got her big, she's feeling better now but it was difficult for her 'cause her knees where really bad, other thing... I missed my lattes ;), just kidding.

Also when we where coming home, the road is beautiful there, we had rain and everything, but... well my father did a really, really stupid thing when we where near some rail tracks... anyone interested let me know and I'll tell all the story :D.

Well hugs everyone, remember to check the image and post something nice if you can :D.

Oh... and I got a new mood theme ;), I downloaded a lot yesterday, I was trying to keep busy, but this one rocked my world :D, I'm in a LOTR reading stage right now... so it fits, what do you think???, thanks to simplystated  for it and to the fandom_moods community for making this and a lot others available :), I got some from Pride and Prejudice, Cinderella, X-men, SPN, and much more :D.

Hugs!!! Be well and take care.

EDIT:  I found this one in Devoted to Smallville, by Dream Kent... I had to show it, is in it amazing?? Hugs :D

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