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Fantasy - Winter Rose

busy day

Posted on 2004.07.29 at 20:34
My...state of mind...: thoughtfulthoughtful
My tune: "Into the West" ROTK soundtrack, Annie Lennox
I had a really busy day today :), and it started to early!!! 5 am, is a crime ;), I woke up to find my Mom awake, to many toughts in her mind, she woke up at 4 am :(, so at 6 am she started with the tv and send me to sleep ;), since I lost my sleep to, I went to daydream while listening to music, it was nice :).
Even if it was busy, it wasn't in a bad way, my Grandma came :), we had to take her to her date with her doctor, but we took her for breakfast first, and she loved it, she likes the restaurant we took her to :), then the doctor, then I went to find some comics while they where waiting, I had a good time :), talking about Batman ;), Harry Potter posters, the Extended dvd of the Return of the King :D, I can't wait to see Minas Tirith!!!!, the gift in the gift set ;).
Then I went back, my Grandma's date was at 11:30 am, I returned at 12:10 and she wasn't in yet!!! we went in at 12:30 pm, and left at 12:50 pm, and went to pick up some meat, it was busy there :).
Then home, to do something for my Dad's to eat, he was happy with this, then we took her home, she had a good day :).
Also, my Mom and I went to get some ice cream ;), yogurt for her, and espresso cream for me :), nice ones I have to say. I have been working all afternoon, but is ok.
The only thing :(, my Grandma said I had to get a real work, that I shouldn't stay home and help my Mom and do work here, sometimes I wonder if her and the rest of the family are right, if I should move on and left my mother behind, but... she needs me, sometimes I also wonder if I'm really as lazy as they think I am, I mean, I help at the house, and help my Mom when she's not feeling right, and do my work for my Dad's company here, but everyone think that I do nothing :(, maybe they are correct, and I'm just taking my Mom's health problems as a pretext, I don't think so, but maybe I'm cheating even on myself, who knows, I just hope I'm doing the right thing.
Anyway, I need good thoughts so I can won the "Revancha" 19 millions, of pesos of course, something like a million and 800 thousand dollars, with those I could get a house and open my coffee-bookstore-childcare place :), and well do all I want to do.
Be well and take care, hugs!!!!!!!! Monica

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