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Fantasy - Winter Rose

A week

Posted on 2004.07.28 at 12:55
My...state of mind...: melancholymelancholy
My tune: No music, just the tv
Well, is almost a week since I wrote here, I went to Tapalpa, a lovely town close my city, we had 3 good days there, but besides that live is mostly the same, one day my Dad is in a good moon, the other, he just want to scream at us, my Mom hasn't been really great with her health, but she's mostly ok, I lost another 3 pounds, good for the doctor, the pills and the diet, and I'm working and reading, nothing more. Oh and I found out I have arrhythmia in my heart, good this is a calm arrhythmia, apparently my heart is like that all the time, who knows, I always said I lived on my own way, this just probes it :).
I'm worried about one of my friends, :(, she left our HP groups because her husband kick her out of their house :(, those are troubles, not like mine, anyway, my best wishes and thoughts to her and her daughter.
See you, take care and be well.

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