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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Request... winamp skins, anyone???

Posted on 2006.09.12 at 20:48
My...state of mind...: contemplativecontemplative
Hi :), well I was just wondering if anyone that reads this knows how to make winamp skins... I have been looking for Jensen Ackles, Tom Welling, Chlark, Chlois, Supernatural, Superman Returns, etc related and nothing :(, I have been able to find some Tom Welling ones, but they are not much, and not exactly what I was looking for. 

So if anyone knows how to make them and can tell me or want to make some for a poor winamp skins addict... you'll make someone happy :). Hugs, be well and take care, Monica

PS: I moved this 'cause I think no one saw it!!! Well that or no one is interested, but I hve to ask!!!! Hugs :)

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