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Not a bad day :)

Posted on 2004.07.19 at 10:59
My...state of mind...: contentcontent
My tune: The Backstreet boys, something to lift my spirits :)
Well it wasn't a bad day :), calm again, more or less :), my Dad is normal again, or as normal as he's :), the rain is affecting my Mom but she's in a better mood, and we are ok.
We just did the usual in the morning, housework, lunch, laundry, it was ok, at the afternoon we went with my Grandma to take her stuff to her, as every week, we had a nice time with her, later we visited my aunt Anna, I'm still mad at her, she caused all the problem in the weekend, but... oh well she's not feeling well, a surgery is not easy stuff, so... we didn't tell her a thing, later we went to find something for my uncle's Carlos anniversary, 25 years!!!!, is a lot, but my parents have 30 ;), who knows how they made it!!!. After looking we found a really nice Angel, I hope they are going to like it, we had a quiet night, so, just this for writing, and it's great!!! no problems today, no screams nothing :), and great reading, a fic I really liked, Harry Potter and the Knowledge of a Mother by Pearl Drop Angel http://fanfiction.portkey.org/story/760/1 long and interesting :)
Be well and take care.

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