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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Everwood... and personal stuff

Posted on 2006.08.18 at 16:51
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: thoughtfulthoughtful
My tune: Everwood theme, I have it in my head!!

I love Everwood :), this series has always been one of my favorites and it made me truly sad when I learned that CW decided to cancel it, I know this comes months after the fact, but what can I say, I have been watching the season 1 dvd that I got 3 weeks ago, I just started watching it, 3 days ago, 'cause I was really depressed and wasn't spending a lot  of time at the pc, 'cause... well my eyes where constantly crying so... why cry over nothing if I could cry with Everwood?? 

I love that series, everyone just rocks, Dr. Andy Brown is the kind of dad I would have loved to have, after Everwood of course ;), Eprham... I love his character and he's the kind of guy I'll love to have as a boyfriend, Delia just rocks, if my cousins where like that!!!!!!!! Bright is cute ;) I like Nina and Amy but I love Edna, Rose and Hannah, Dr. Abbot is kind of like my father, but... well he's nicer, but is a tv series so I get it :D.

I'm luckier than most fans, right now they are showing the 3rd season in the WB channel here in Mexico and they are going to continue until the series finale, everyday!!! They are now in the part where Ephram and Amy are kind of getting together at last but they don't know yet about Madison being pregnant, Hannah and Amy are just becoming friends and Andy feels awful about it, so is depressing but soo good.

Thank God for Everwood I was so sad before I started this dvds......

And here starts the personal stuff... you know?? I have been so... depressed lately that I wasn't even watching anything on the tv, just things like the series finale, CSI, the 3 of them, Bones, etc but nothing more, not even fanvideos, Chlarks or Superman clips where helping, I just was... numb. And now, this series has kind of helped me deal with some stuff, is always good to see how other people has troubles that are just... more important you know???.

I mean a lot of friends here have problems and I'm with them in my thoughts and my prayers but I needed something to help me out of this, and apparently this is doing the trick, I feel in a better mood than I have been in several weeks, even while I'm just recovering from the flu, and I'm still having a hard time doing some stuff.

When I have anything related to breathing it always take sometime for me to be truly ok, 'cause of some slight pneumonia kind of 4 years ago, but i'm really better and that rocks!!!

Well I need to get some Everwood fanfics... I'm open to suggestions and maybe some emails so I can bother a lot of people so I... and a lot of other fans, can  convince Warner Brothers to release seasons 2 to 4 of Everwood!!!!!!!!! I need those dvds!!!!!!!!!! 

Hugs, love you all, be well and take care.

EDIT: I was seaching Youtube for Everwood clips and I found this 
To request the release of Everwood dvds please write to this address:
Jeff Brown, Sr. Vice President
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
Email at: jeff_brown@warnerbros.com

Please write or email, I want those dvds so much!!!!!! Thanks to Everrflame for the address and clips, :D

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