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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Well, apparently no divorce

Posted on 2004.07.18 at 22:34
My...state of mind...: gloomygloomy
My tune: Sountrack of Troy
After really scaring me to death yesterday, my parents are better now, they are talking, we even went to have lunch at a restaurant, but they are still tense, anything can create a big explosion again, this walking in eggshells is killing me!!!
Anyway, even after everything it was a good day, not amazing, but ok, everyone started talking like at 12 pm, and my Dad checked our roof, because there was this storm yesterday at night, leafs in the floor, our flowers, with all the ice we got they were really bad, and out roof was a pool!!!!, I mean the water flowed for over half an hour until it was all gone!!!
Later we went to have lunch, oh yeah, my brother dump us :( but the important thing is that I'm worried about my Mom :( she has this strange pain that just don't leave!!!, I have to ask a doctor about it, we had a nice lunch, and then my Mom and I escaped to get some movies :D, we left Dad at home and pick up "how to lose a man in 10 days" she liked it, and then we watched "down with love" which she hated!!!!!! I was so surprised I liked that movie when I watched it long ago, anyway, my Dad is now sleep, depressed because Mexico lost 4-0 to Brazil on soccer but now I'm ok, calm and everything, worried about the next fight but I truly hope is not going to be soon, and just live I guess, and even if it sounds corny, wait for a better tomorrow :). Be well and take care

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