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Icon meme stolen from Guitarsrawesome

Posted on 2006.07.30 at 11:46
My...state of mind...: amusedamused
A lovely Icon Meme from guitarsrawesome it took some time but it's great :)

Default Icon     The rest are behing the cut, so I don't spam any account :)

Oldest Icon

Newest Icon

Happiest Icon(s)        

Saddest Icon(s)       

Angriest Icon Mmm I don't think I have really angry ones....  

Cutest Icon     I had to include one of mines :D  

Sexiest Icon        

Funniest Icon   

Fave Ship Icon       

Fave Saying/Quote Icon(s)        

Fave Textless Icon(s)         

Fave Disney Icon 
I don't have a disney icon :'( does anime counts??? -->   or Lotr??

Fave Fashion Icon 

Self Icon
I don't have any. I kind of use my Cowco or Irulan ones

Inside Joke Icon   

Work Icon 

Fave Overall Icon  

And finally--- Which one of my Icons do you think I should use more???


Hugs, be well and take care :)

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