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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :) my weekend, in the movies & SupermanR in Imax

Posted on 2006.07.24 at 11:56
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: pleasedpleased
Hi :), well I just wanted to share my good weekend with all of you, after recovering from the non-electricity shock ;) I had a really nice weekend, not only I finally!!!!!!!! Finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dead Man's chest. 

I liked it, it was a fun movie, the new pirate characters just rock!! Really I mean the work they did!!! The costumes and make up deserves an Oscar really!!! Oh and Orlando looks as lovely as ever ;), and his character has grown, which makes me happy :D, Johnny is awesome as usual... but I felt him... kind of.. I don't know, forced?? Maybe is just me thinking on him being without a bath for... oh ages :D but I truly disliked Elizabeth!!! Now she wants Jack??? Nope, I don't like her!!! And crying for him after what she did?? Please!!! Good movie anyway, I'm going to watch it again today ;), with my fan-cousin Lily :D

Also I watched Superman Returns in an Imax Screen, and with selected scenes in 3D and wow!!!! I mean Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you is close to an Imax screen and has Superman Returns there and is thinking... Would it be worth it??? Yeah it is!!!!!!!! The sound, the scenes, the way everything moves!!! I just loved it!! I really can't understand how the movie didn't worked better in the box office, for me is better than Pirates, but I guess to each it's own is in it???

Now... I'm also a fan of Brandon Routh, yesterday I spend a lot of time checking Gilmore Girls episode 13 of the first season, and Brandon looks so cute there ;), just some lines, but he's gorgeous non the less... Don't get mad at me Tommy, but he's a great Superman!!!!

Ok, have to go, I need to finish Laundry, help my Mom with some things, go to pick up my Superman Returns novel from my bookstore and go to the movies ;).

See you later people :) hugs!!!!!!!!! Oh... and if anyone knows of some good Superman Return stories not in Fanfiction net, I got that one covered, let me know, 'cause I'm liking reading them ;) Be well and take care.

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