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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Just watched Superman Returns

Posted on 2006.07.18 at 21:14
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Oh, just writing to share :) I watched Superman Returns today... and I liked it :), is cute, a nice, interesting, kind of complete story and I didn't hated the actors that much, I'll probably going to watch it again next week, but who knows, maybe I'll be to busy with Pirates ;).

I went with my cousin Lili and we really had a good time, I love the special details that tell us about the old movies, the music!! And the intro where really cool!!! I liked it, even if I didn't wasn't that anxious to see it. I still would have preferred Tom and Allison as the leads, but that's life for you, on and I don't like the suit, really!!!!!!! I prefer the old one!! What's with the boots??

Oh and James Marsden?? Yummy :D, hugs!!!!!!!! Talk to you later, be well and take care.

EDIT: I just read an amazing Smallville/Supernatural fanfic Chloe/Winchester ;) http://medie.livejournal.com/1266484.html  Read it!!! And Medie?? You rock!!! :D hugs

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