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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Hi :), kind of normal entry, dungeon and searching for an SPN/GG fic

Posted on 2006.07.08 at 11:46
My...state of mind...: relievedrelieved
Hi :), well first I wanted to say Hi ;), I'm kind of back to normal, the elections thing is almost over, (always the possibility of  legal things but well ) and I'm starting to relax a little bit :D.

I just wanted to send Hi, wave to everyone, recommend another great author, that most of you must know by now, a Supernatural writer named Mink
http://minkmix.livejournal.com/ She writes short stories but they are really funny and cute :D and well... Sam and Dean being brothers and in not so bad situations?? Love them :D.

Also, 2 new Chlark/Chlois message boards here Fly back to me 
http://flybacktome.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi and My destiny http://mydestiny.suddenlaunch3.com/index.cgi  They are cool :)

What else...... mmmm oh yeah ;), I'm looking for a fanfic I read some months ago, is a crossover, a small one between Supernatural and Gilmore Girls, where Sam gets to Stars Hollow... thanks the name right ;) and he falls for Rory and everything, but he starts to dream about Rory and the fire and he leaves :( then, some time later, he passes by with Dean and someone else is with Rory, let me know if anyone remembers it ok :). 
EDIT: I found it, it is indeed by lunarknightz !!! She rocks!!! here ---> http://lunarknightz.livejournal.com/352872.html

This dungeon entry is going to look so weird!!! I killed myself!!! awesome!! And is also my best score until now!!!!

I died in the Dungeon of The Satyr Icon

I was killed in a crumbling corridor by Monicaop the owlbear, whilst carrying...

the Sword of Will Ferrell, the Armour of Snuggling, the Sword of Lavieilledame, the Amulet of Humor, the Crown of Gen717, the Sceptre of Luna Lovegood, the Crown of Presenceambigue, the Sceptre of Veaglarwen, the Wand of Paperbkryter, the Sceptre of Themadpuppy and 185 gold pieces.

Score: 217

Explore the Dungeon of The Satyr Icon and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Hugs!!! Love you all!!! Be well and take care.

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