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Winters Window

The stuff of nightmares

Posted on 2004.07.16 at 22:31
My...state of mind...: discontentdiscontent
My tune: "Remember me" Troy soundtrack
This day was just awful!!! I mean there where good things, my Aunt's Anna surgery went well :), she's in pain but she's ok, and I managed to go and visit my friend Noemi and her new baby, Valeria :), she's so small!! and so cute!!!! that was nice, and reading is been nice, but...
the rest of the day, I mean I really could cry, bad thing I can't :(, my parents will ask me why and stuff, and since they created this mess, that wouldn't be a good idea.
First nightmares all night, the weather is so hot!!!!!!, no rain, nothing :(, and hospitals, hospitals in my dreams, I guess because of my aunt's surgery, besides that, doing everything in first warp since we had to be early at the hospital, the coffee I took this morning didn't went well with my medications, and I felt awful all morning because of that, tremors, cold, etc.
After that, all morning waiting for my aunt to come out of the surgery, listening to my Mom, my Grandma and my aunt Isa talking about people I have no clue telling old stories about my parents awful marriage, etc, I just managed to escape to get some coffee for everyone.
Past 2 o'clock my Dad arrived, in the morning he was kind of... mad because we where going to spend all day with my aunt Anna at the hospital, we didn't knew why, but he was... weird when he arrived at the hospital, my Mom decided that she didn't wanted to eat, so... I had to go and eat with him, alone :(, just awful, we kind of got lost looking for an specific restaurant, my Dad complaining all the time, and after we found another place that he was happy about, I found out why he was acting strange in the morning, apparently my aunt Anna had said some awful things about him to someone else, and this "person" told my Dad :(, so he's mad at my aunt, and my uncle Marcos, my aunt's Anna husband, so all lunch listening to him complain about all... all!!! my mom's family, I lost my appetite what turned out to be a good thing, since, at the hospital, later, my Mom ate the chicken fajitas I didn't finished, which was more than half, she liked them, after that another 2 hours at the hospital, and then telling my Mom what the problem with my Dad and my aunt Anna was :(, she's so mad at my aunt!!! and at the person who told, I have a good idea who might have been, but I'm not sure so... after that, coming home to pick up the stuff for my friend Noemi's baby and visit, like 15 mins, because she's not feeling well :(, and coming home, I felt awful the rest of the afternoon, came to the pc to chat, and the light went out!!!, when it came back I was so tired I just didn't started the pc again, went to my room, away from everyone, my Mom and my Dad keep quiet so I could rest from them for an hour or so, and I was finally felling better, and watched an episode of Andromeda, after forgetting about it for months, and I found an episode that has a second part!!!!!!, really!!!!!!, now headache, that is going away with a good fic and music, but.. I'm just really, really tired :(.
But this helps, really helps, thanks God the moment I found this thing, anyway, be well and take care, I do hope I'm going to have a better day tomorrow, if it's God will.

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