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Fantasy - Winter Rose

The fist one!!!!

Posted on 2004.06.28 at 20:27
My...state of mind...: mischievousmischievous
My tune: Japanese anime songs, MKR, CCS, Escaflowne, SM, Slayers, etc
Hi :D, well this is the first entry to this Journal, is been years since I kept one, but oh well, someday I had to start again, so here it's, not that I have million things to say, but... I guess is a good idea to record some thoughts here, it seems like fun to do.
This monday was almost like every other monday, except for the fact that I sat with my Mom to watch Harry Potter, The chamber of secrets, she almost never seats with me to watch a movie, so it something to remember :D, also there was great rain, and a beautiful "colibri" (remember later to search that word in english) that tried to find cover under one of our trees, maybe later I'll make a description of the place I live in, and stuff, but I think that for the first entry this is ok :D, oh, and the image I have in this journal belongs to Nene Thomas and is named Morning Dew, cool is in it??, if you like it search for her name in the net ;) or ask for some links.
Oh, and why Mischievous???, because I was supossed to be working ;), not creating journals :D, just don't tell my dad, who is also my boos, ok :D, be well and take care,

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