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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Kind of ok :)

Posted on 2004.07.15 at 22:16
My...state of mind...: thoughtfulthoughtful
My tune: All you need is love, from the soundtrack "Love Actually"
HI, well, I had a weird last days, what a shock no?? :), but is ok, I'm tired, but not that sad, which is ok since I was really sad today since I woke up, but I'm feeling better right now :), don't know if it's the coffee I just took or that I just talked with 3 different friends on the phone and some more online, I love Rish :), a great friend from India, and also one of my cousins, Lili, one of my favorites :D, since she's as obsessed with LOTR and Harry Potter as I am :D, and we can have great chats about it, returned some movies I lend her and she wrote me a really nice note to say thanks for it :), it was something I haven't got in such a long time, it was really kind :D.
I had a calm afternoon, just my Mom and I, I change pots of a beautiful bonsai my Mom owns since... wow a long time, 10 years or more and I hope he's going to feel happier in the new pot, since is a little bigger than the other it had, we'll se what happens
Also, I read a nice Troy fic, which reminded me of all the really handsome actors from this movie, that helped to :D. As it is, it was a weird but nice day I guess :D, also I bought more tickets for the "melate" a lotto stuff here in Mexico, lest hope I can get something, I'm getting tired of buying them, but with my job and stuff, is the only way I'm going to get enough money to do all the things I want to do :).
Well, hugs, be well and take care.

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