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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Strange 4 days

Posted on 2004.07.10 at 13:40
My...state of mind...: tiredtired
My tune: Sin Bandera "Entra en mi vida"
Hi :D, well, I haven't been doing anything here, to busy for the internet this last days, but in a good way :D, one of my aunts had her birthday this Thursday and my Mom and I went to take her to have a coffee and cake :), we had a great time there, and yesterday we went to do some shopping, we had a busy afternoon but is ok to be busy, I don't like not to be doing something you know?? it gives more time to think, and lately that hasn't been good for me ;).
Besides that... I went to the doctor again, and he told me... I'm not really ok with my health, besides the colitis, that is stress related :(, so the more depressed I guess the worse I get, good thing I'm on medication right now, but besides that, I have gastritis!!!!, really, I need a vacation, away from my Dad I think ;) since he's my mayor source of stress... bad thing I can't :(.
Anyway I have been reading a lot, mostly Harry Potter fanfiction, and looking for more LOTR good one :), there was a power failure last night, and my poor mother :D, she was bored so I started to tell her a story from a HP fanfic!!! she was so sad because the story was so sad!!, I told her Redemption by krtshadow, you can find it at http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1480438&chapter=1 this story is amazing, but really sad to, I love it anyway :).
Well got to go, have to play quidditch for my HP school, ;) I'm the Head of House of Gryffindor, can you believe it??? :D, is fun, and you make a lot of friends, I'll probably talk about this later.
Oh!!! and thanks to achtung_meggy about your comments, I almost had a heart attack when I realized you where reading this :D, thanks for all the Orlando photos ;) those help my mood :D.
Be well and take care.

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