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Fantasy - Winter Rose

A new Meme, a sexy one ;)

Posted on 2006.05.14 at 13:54
Ok... where am I??: Home, and hot :D
My...state of mind...: flirtyflirty
I got this from elflady_2001 and I thought it was great ;)

Ten Characters I Would Have Sex With:

List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order)
and tag 5 people to do the same. If anyone wants is snag it ok :). Go on and read if you are interested :).

1.- Dean Winchester, I mean look at him?? He's also a good guy, ok, he has problems with the supernatural, but wow, he's just wow!!! Interesting, loyal, good brother, oh yeah, and I mentioned he's gorgeous?? :D


2.- Legolas Greenleaf, just check him out!! He's a prince, he's an elf, (great stamina), the hair!! Of course, he lives forever, but imagine the time you could spend with him ;)

3.- Clark Kent, ok... he's superman, he has those gorgeous eyes and his hands!!!! He does needs some fashion advice, but other than that?? The man can fly!!! And keep you warm ;), with his heat vision of course :D.


4.-  Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, he has the most beautiful voice!!! He can compose, is an architect, and he's just a beautiful man with some facial problems, I could live with that ;).


5.- Obi-wan Kenobi, he's so handsome!!! He can use the force, imagine the possibilities!!! And since the Jedi can't have sex in a usual way, imagine the frustration he has to work with ;).


6.- Bruce Wayne, completely gorgeous, misterious, giving, dark, totally athletic, with commitment issues, but really who wouldn't like to be the one who could convince him a relationship is such a great thing ;). 


7.- Aragorn, a King, strong, friendly, roughly handsome, amazing fighter, I mean look at those eyes!!! You couldn't get lost with him, 'cause he's a ranger, friendly, interesting, and that sword ;).


8.- Balian of Ibelin, great body, totally devoted to a good cause ;) that could be me, look at those puppy eyes!!! He needs someone to comfort him, just cute :).


NOW... the villains, that could be turned good :D

9.- Anakin Skywalker, just look at him!! Is in it a waste for him to end up in an armor??? Also force user, hot, tall, handsome, and just the tiny amount of darkness to make him even more interesting!!!


10.- And last, but not least, Lex Luthor, this gorgeous bald double L, is just an amazing man with really bad relatives!! He can be guided into the light with the correct amount of love and justice, his eyes are awesome, and is loyal, if you don't lie to him ;).


So what do you think?? I was going to add anime guys, but really!!! I'll need more than 10 numbers to get them all together :D, hugs, be well and take care, Monica.


Hmmmm eletryxx at 2006-05-14 15:40 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
ALL wonderful choices! Good job Monica!
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2006-05-14 15:48 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
They are just.... argh!!!! :D, thanks for commenting :D, hugs!!!
Hmmmm super_robyn at 2006-05-15 22:20 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Hey! Just wanted to drop in and say that I friended you, so feel free to friend me back if you'd like to. I'm really getting into this Chlark fanfic writing, and I know you like fics!
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2006-05-15 22:26 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Thanks :D, friended you to :D, I'm so going there tomorrow to check it all!! Now... is bed time ;), hugs!!!
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