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I saw it!!! I finally saw it!!!!

Posted on 2006.05.12 at 00:06
Ok... where am I??: Windy home
My...state of mind...: excitedexcited
I just can't believe it!!! I finally saw the kiss!!!! And is better than I imagined :D, I love it!!! Now I can go to bed, I'll watch the rest of the episode tomorrow, I have a really busy day coming and I need some sleep!!! :D

Thanks to everyone that chat with me, replied to my complains and just... was with me during this hours :D

Just as a thank you, and for everyone that hasn't had the chance to really watch this kiss, here it is ;), the 2 minutes of the Chlark scene, hugs!!! I hope you are going to enjoy them :D Thanks to Nova!!!!  http://www.sendspace.com/file/8o26l7

Be well and take care, Monica

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