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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Amazing Dune fic!!! Yeah!!!!

Posted on 2010.08.23 at 11:49
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: happyhappy
My tune: Children of Dune, soundtrack
The completely amazing thedreamisreal  was kind enough to take on making a Dune fic for me during the help_haiti  event and she just post it!!!

Is complitely amazing so I have to share!!!

Love it soooooooo much!!!!

Here Title: They Have Only Now, a Dune Fanfic ashtree-fiction.livejournal.com/6928.html

Go read and comment please, who knows... she might continue ;)


Hmmmm latetothpartyhp at 2010-08-23 22:57 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
OMG - is there an actual Dune community out there? Where do I sign up?!?
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2010-08-24 00:01 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
No, sadly is her only dune fic, but is an amazing reading non the less. I belong to a LJ dune community but they rarely post :(.

This one was made specially for me ;), and I'm sharing 'cause i want this author to get comments, is an amazing fic!!

Hmmmm latetothpartyhp at 2010-08-24 01:52 (UTC) (Novel in progress)

*hopes dashed*
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