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Interest meme results, from Eletryxx

Posted on 2006.05.02 at 11:09
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: sillysilly
I got this from eletryxx, thanks, it's cute :), hugs, be well and take care

h1>LJ Interests meme results


  1. angel and willow:
  2. batman:
    Dark, interesting, sexy, inteligent, the kind of hero I'll like to see in this world
  3. chlark:
    My favorite ship, they soo belong together, they need each other to be who they need to be.
  4. cowco:
  5. dune:
  6. fanfic:
    I love to read, and I love to search and discover great stories
  7. fanvideos:
    One thing I love to make, maybe 'cause of the effort and 'cause I love good stories ;)
  8. harry potter:
  9. history:
    One of my greatest loves, something that I would have loved to do all my life if other things wouldn't have intruded
  10. icons:
    A way to express myself, I love them!!

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