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Fantasy - Winter Rose

Please, read, Grey's anatomy related

Posted on 2008.09.30 at 23:18
Ok... where am I??: Home, for now :(
My...state of mind...: infuriatedinfuriated
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Hi, really sorry to bother you with this, is seems so silly, but I need to get some good Grey's anatomy fanfics and I can't be in this place for long enough to get them complete so I can print them!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found some great ones complete in FF.net but... I'm angry 'cause I really want to read some good, specially long romantic fics, with Meredith/Derek ships, maybe some Denny/Izzie or Mark/Izzie or Mark/Addison and Christina/Burke and I have been reading, if I'm lucky a chapter for day!!!!

I'm leaving this saturday, for a week and I need to get some good Grey's fics so I can read it while I'm depressed and without net or dvds around me, so please, pretty please, if I anyone had some good Grey's Anatomy's complete fics and you have them in a txt or a doc complete so I can print them I'll be really, really, really thankful

Hugs, be well, Monica

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