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Fantasy - Winter Rose

At last a vid that I think I'm going to finish!!!

Posted on 2008.07.29 at 23:26
Ok... where am I??: Home
My...state of mind...: creativecreative
Well, I started a new vid, and I think I'm going to end this one, I hope so :D, right now is half done and I have to turn off the pc 'cause a storm seems to be coming, but I hope this one is indeed going to be finished tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Is a Batman vid, why Batman??? 'Cause I love Batman and TDK totally rocks, I'm using mostly Batman Begins, but I have all the trailers from TDK and some extra footage... that one I'm not so sure 'cause is not good quality but who knows.

Also I'm doing something I have never done, I'm using instrumental music, I was going to use something from Star Wars but it was to short, I'm trying to tell Bruce's story and his transformation to Batman, who knows, maybe I'll do it right!!

I have a good feeling about this vid, is going to be long, over 5 minutes!!! I can't wait to finish it and see how it looks!!! I have to  thank my mom 'cause she helped me with the song and my muse for being back!!!!

Hugs everyone, I hope I can bring something interesting tomorrow, be well and take care, Monica


Hmmmm blackheart_me at 2008-07-30 16:45 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
OOH instrumental music. I'm glad inspiration hit Monica! That is great :D Hu there's only so many videos that have gotten really long. I hope you post it up once you're done with it ^_^

Also, just out of curiosity: En que parte de Mexico vives?
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-07-30 18:02 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I hope I can finish it, I had plans to had it done by now but I have been real busy and this is the first time I get to be on the pc today!!!.

Yo vivo en Guadalajara, Jalisco, en la perla Tapatia :D, hermosa ciudad, ya sabes donde venir a visitarme :D
Hmmmm blackheart_me at 2008-07-30 20:41 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
AHH seria un lugar bueno para visitar! Yo nunca eh hido [sp] oh visto Mexico desde que me fui de alla a la edad de 7 años, pero este año mis papas me van a mandar de regreso por mi salud. Asi que si mi familia, quien yo en verdad no conosco, me llevan en unas vacaciones tratare de visitar tu ciudad ;]
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-08-01 14:38 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Espero que si me visites :D, me gustaria mostrarte un poco de esta ciudad, que tiene su lado muy historico y su lado muy moderno, las plazas son tipo los mall en USA, pero igual siempre tiene uno que hacer :D. Cuidate!!

Oh yeah, and I finish the vid :D, hugs!! Monica
Hmmmm blackheart_me at 2008-08-01 18:16 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
That sounds so cool! & Yeah i'm about to go check it out ;]
(Deleted comment)
Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-08-01 14:39 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I like your icon :D, is cute!!

Sorry I took so long to answer you, I didn't saw this answer until now.

I'm glad you liked the idea and the video, thanks!! Hugs :D
Hmmmm bearcatkeith at 2008-07-30 22:53 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
That sounds cool Monica. Let us know when you finish it :)

Reading is life... :)
Hmmmm monicaop at 2008-08-01 14:39 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
Is it finished :D, I hope you have the time to watch it and make it to pieces, hugs and thanks, Monica
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