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Winters Window

Really busy day

Posted on 2004.07.02 at 21:41
My...state of mind...: sadsad
My tune: Evanescense, Haunted, I need more music ;)
Well at least on my standards, that might not be like others ;), mine... might be... not as stressful but well, they are my standards ;).
It began really, really, really early for me ;), like 3 am, and waking and trying to sleep, and round, and round, until I truly woke up at 7 pm, we had to take my brother's car to the mechanic, some water problems and stuff, making beds, and checking the news, since we are really worried about a fissure that opened because of the rain we have been having, a big, big fissure, like 1.5 kms and of, the last I heard 70 mts of deep, and there is a firefighter there :(, they can't find him, so we have been searching the news to see if they can rescue him, hoping he's alive, but, he's been there for almost 2 days and they just can't find him!!!!!!.
Anyway, we where ready for the mechanic and stuff, we went, they took more than an hour to check everything, and we left there like... 9:45 am?? and walked home!! walked home!!!!!! please!!!, I was totally and absolutely worried about crossing the damn avenue!! my Mom has arthritis and is really bad for her :( she can't really run or anything, and the place for the crossing was really hard to walk on, but we made it, after me getting a really close heart attack, the cars where to close, we got some cappuccino (I love it ^^) and something for breakfast, we got home and everything, laundry and stuff, then going out for the things we where going to use for lunch, and doing shopping, then my Mom got the great idea!! of taking her van to get a good cleaning, we got there at 12:30 and we left at 2 pm or more!!!, argh!! I hate being in those places :(, good thing a friend and neighbor, Carlos, arrived and we talked about Smallville, Japanese animation, loddoss wars to be precise, and several other series, that helped :).
Then, Dad was home when we came here, and well, I wasn't happy to see him :(, we apparently are going to cancel a trip to Tapalpa, a place I totally love, and it was his idea!!! because he wants to take for lunch some friends of his from his Gym, I don't like them!!! and we have to go out with them on tuesday and on sunday!!! what a way to waste our time :(, I might sound totally awful and like a brat, but believe me, my Mom and I where looking to the trip to Tapalpa with pink glasses, is been a hard month, with my uncle Eduardo dying, my aunt Coco and her car accident, my Mom health troubles, my Dad awful mood, and just stuff, and nothing, :( we have to stay here because he wants to go out with his friends, I'm just even more depressed that I was before, not even Harry Potter fanfiction helped, or a espresso cream ice cream (light) that I ate in the afternoon, my Mom and I almost had a fight because we are really tired, well I guess it can qualify as a fight, we didn't talked to each other for more than an hour :(.
Anyway, right now, no more news on the firefighter :( even with dogs, and, well, I leave now, if anyone ever read this they are going to think I'm a whining woman!! :), oh well, maybe I am in a way, but to each it's own is in it?.
Oh!!!! and I forgot, I got a letter from Poetry.com about a poem I posted there, they want to publish it they say, I think they just want me to buy some books from them, 40 dollars for each book??? and besides the shipping??, yeah right, but it was kind of nice :).
Be well and take care.


Hmmmm piepiepie at 2004-07-03 00:09 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
I definitely do not think that you're whiny! You've got a lot going on!!! *hugs*
Here's an Orli smile for you :) ♥

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