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Winters Window

Just thoughs I guess and thanks :)

Posted on 2006.03.10 at 22:53
My...state of mind...: sadsad
My tune: Forever love and Crucify my love, by X Japan
Hi :), well... I'm sad again, really bad thing?? I have no real idea why!!!! 

It could be that I have been taking care of a puppy for one of my neighbor for the last month, I take him out 2 or 3 times a day and play with him, if I had the time I even took him to walk and to the parks that are near my house, and now... well, she's going to give him away. She has a baby boy, of 2 or 3 years and she says the dog is to much for her, I wish I could keep Yoko, but even if my Mom likes him I think the bigger appeal is the fact that he comes here and play and then he goes back to his house, so this could be.

Also, I had to spend my complete afternoon babysitting my Father's business, since he wanted to do several things and his secretary is sick. I know I'm awful, but I'm tired!!! I had a busy morning and the only thing I wanted was to spend some time alone in my house in the afternoon since I was going to have the house for myself for almost 2 hours!!! My Mom went to have her nails done :D. But no, I know I'm wining but it was supposed to be some free time for me!!! And I don't like where the business is, is not a really secure place and also really contaminated, I ended with a headache.

Maybe is that the other day I went to watch Pride and Prejudice and well... it kind of hit me that I have no one in the romantic sense, sometimes is harder than others and this last days have been hard.

So I'm depressed, but I want to thank some people 'cause they made me smile, even if it wasn't for long 'cause I have been busy, thanks to kissme_myfool
for her video Collide, it's amazing!!! Thanks to the people in Kriptonsite Forum http://www.kryptonsite.com/forums/index.php?s= 'cause there are a lot of great Chlark fics there lately, thanks to lunarknightz for her amazing Chloe/Ron fanfic, it was so cute!! To rjchasez
for her last fics and oh well.... to everyone!!! that writes Chlark or makes Chlark vids, you have been my lifeline the last weeks!!! And so many people that are great friends and read this silly things!!!

I hope I'm going to be better in the morning, I send hugs and good wishes to everyone :D, you rock!!! Be well and take care.


Hmmmm kissme_myfool at 2006-03-10 22:25 (UTC) (Novel in progress)
i hope you feel better :) and i'm so glad i can help you out with my chlarky stuff :D
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